Which SKINSCREEN™ is right for me?

We know, we know, our SKINSCREEN™ all sound so good it’s hard to pick one! That’s why we made this quiz, which will help you find your perfect SKINSCREEN™, drop off your dry cleaning and pre-emptively block your ex’s new gf on Instagram. Okay so maybe some of those features are still in beta phase, but it will definitely help with the sunscreen stuff, we promise! Now let’s find your new SPF MVP. 

  1. If your skin was a character on Sex and the City, it would be…
    a) Charlotte, because it’s sensitive and kinda judgey about the other products you play with
    b) Miranda, because it mostly has its sh*t together but also needs to lighten up a little
    c) Carrie, because it’s shiny, high maintenance and freaks out on the reg
    d) Samantha, because it’s a walking thirst-trap and far too busy for unnecessary effort


  1. My current skincare routine looks like…
    a) Simple, no-frills (you do not want to piss it off!)
    b) Extra AF, with sheet masks and glow drops for a ~disco ball~ gleam
    c) A strategic edit of products designed to balance breakouts and reduce oil
    d) Minimal products, maximum hydration


  1. What’s the most important thing you look for in a sunscreen?
    a )Anything that doesn’t make my skin go all sting-y would be great
    b) I like my sunscreen how I like my cocktails – smooth and light, but looks and feels a bit fancy
    c) Nothing too thick! My pores have got enough to deal with, thanks!
    d) TBH I’m lazy and just want something that does pretty much everything, is that really too much to ask??


  1. My favourite makeup product is…
    a) Anything mineral, so my skin doesn’t throw a tantrum
    b) Highlight, obvi – to not be lit from within would be a sin in my book
    c) Concealer, to cover up any pesky spots I CBF with today
    d) Primer, coz it’s an extra layer of hydration


  1. I want my SPF to feel…
    a) Light a soft and super gentle cream
    b) Very lightweight, as if a serum and a sunscreen had a baby
    c) Preferably like a gel, so my skin doesn’t feel suffocated
    d) Ultra creamy – like I could swap out my day cream and not notice the difference


  1. I want my skin to look…
    a) Matte, with no redness or irritation
    b) Glossy, with a level of radiance that’s almost rude
    c) Not too shiny, but not too flat either
    d) A subtle glow


  1. Fragrance – yay or nay?
    a )Big nay, my skin no likely
    b) Um yes please, I like my skincare routine to feel like a spa
    c) It doesn’t bother my skin, but I prefer products without it
    d) I’m into it, but nothing too obvious


  1. When do you need to wear broad spectrum SPF?
    b) Trick question obviously
    c) Everyone needs it, every day – we mean it!
    d) Ummm wait, are you not wearing any right now?! Well let’s reveal your ultimate skinscreen and get it on your face, stat!


 If you got… Mostly A’s

Meet your dream SKINSCREEN™: Lean Screen SPF50+ Mineral Mattifying Fragrance-Free SKINSCREEN™

Okay so your skin can be a bit of a Karen and probably complains loudly about pretty much any product you put on it. But that’s why we created Lean Screen! It has a physical, zinc-only formula that satisfies even the fussiest of faces. No alcohol, no fragrance but plenty of protection – SPF50+ to be exact! – with a soft matte finish.


If you got… Mostly B’s

Meet your dream SKINSCREEN™: Queen Screen SPF 50+ Luminising Sun Serum

You need the mother of all sunscreens, Queen Screen! Also known as the High Priestess of Glow, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re not wearing anything at all after applying – except, of course, for that tell-tale radiance that our Queen leaves behind! She’s also oil-free, smells like roses and looks excellent under makeup.


If you got… Mostly C’s

Meet your dream SKINSCREEN™: Clean Screen SPF 30 Fragrance Free Weightless Gel SKINSCREEN™

Breakout-prone skin will be best buds with Clean Screen, a partial-mineral formula with SPF30 protection. She glides on like a dream, won’t clog your pores or irritate your skin. Plus she’s free from fragrance and won’t leave you looking oily.


If you got… Mostly D’s

Meet your dream SKINSCREEN™: Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Facial SKINSCREEN™

Meet Supreme Screen, but you’ll come to know her as the Jacinda Ardern of your beauty bag – she does it all, she makes it look really easy, and once she steps on the scene, you’ll wonder why all those other sunscreens can’t do it like she does. Supreme is extra hydrating, so much so that you can use her alone – that’s right, no primer or moisturiser needed!


I’m supreme screen!
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