How to choose the right Skinscreen for you ✌️ How to choose the right Skinscreen for you ✌️

How to choose the right Skinscreen for you ✌️

By Ava Matthews

How to choose the right Skinscreen for you ✌️ How to choose the right Skinscreen for you ✌️

SOS! which sunscreen is right for me?

By now you know we’re all about making SPF the MVP in your skincare routine. Our mission is to cover the world in our skinscreens, one super-smart Queen at a time. And to do that we’ve whipped up three very good, but very different formulas. Why? Because just like with dating (or flicking through Netflix), everyone is looking for something different. So, to help you figure out which Skinscreen you’ll vibe with best, we’ve come up with a quiz. (Cute! Fun! Great for wasting time when you’re meant to be doing work!) It’s just as entertaining as figuring out which The Bold Type character you are (Kat, obviously), but with the added benefit of helping to future-proof your face.

 Q1: How would you describe your skincare routine in three words?

  1. A) All. About. Radiance.
  2. B) Multi-benefit products only. (Yes, this is three words.)
  3. C) Gentle basics that work. (Yes, this is four, so sue us.)

Q2: What’s the number one thing you don’t like about your skin?

  1. A) A lack of radiance. On a bad day your face is duller than policy reform.
  2. B) Dehydration and/or dryness, no matter how much H2O you guzzle.
  3. C) It’s super sensitive and prone to breakouts, especially before important work meetings.

Q3: When you’re in the mood to ~slay~, what’s your go-to makeup look?

  1. A) Glowy and showy—it’s possible astronauts can see your cheekbones from outer space.
  2. B) Minimal-but-major. Think: A radiant base, lick of mascara and plumping lip gloss.
  3. C) Au naturel—matte-meets-satin skin (dewy is a swear word) and brushed up brows.

Q4: What is your biggest worry when shopping for a brand new sunscreen?

  1. A) Texture, because there’s nothing worse than gloopy, greasy SPF that pills.
  2. B) Finish—is it even possible to find a sunscreen that hydrates but isn’t oily?
  3. C) Finding something skin-friendly, cos your face is easily pissed off on the reg.

Q5: How often does your complexion require broad spectrum sun protection?

  1. A) This is a trick question.
  2. B) Because the answer is.
  3. C) Every day for everyone.


If you got mostly As: Your SPF BFF is QUEEN SCREEN.

The HBIC of the Ultra Violette family, Queen Screen is what happens when a broad-spectrum SPF meets a glow-boosting, anti-ageing serum. The oil-free formula is loaded with native antioxidants that melt into your skin, helping to protect it against damaging free radicals as well as UV rays. The feather-light, milky texture is like nothing you’ve tried before—it’s skincare not just sunscreen.

If you got mostly Bs: Your SPF BFF is SUPREME SCREEN.

Supreme Screen is our one-size-fits-most offering. Great for anyone wanting to simplify their routine, it takes the place of moisturiser, sunscreen (der) and primer, saving you both money and time. Rich in vitamin C and a super-hydrator called Pentavitin, it’s got all the stuff your face needs to look its very best today and tomorrow. (Because helping you to future-proof your face is our MO.)

If you got mostly Cs: Your SPF BFF is CLEAN SCREEN.

Got an oily T-zone? Acne? Or just reactive to a lot of skincare ingredients? Clean Screen has got your back. (And your face, lol.) This fragrance free skinscreen was designed for tricky-skin-types, which is why we’ve packed it with soothing SPF filters and hydration. A solid pick for easily irritated complexions, it helps to calm down inflammation (aka breakouts) as you wear it.


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