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Ultra Pink Cup

"May your coffee be strong and your SPF stronger” - Violette

If you don't own one of Violette’s skinscreens by now I’m sure you’re about to. And as much as we’d like to think you’re remembering to wear it all day, everyday, and reapplying, we’re not that naive. We understand! It can slip your mind!! Especially when you’re under-caffeinated. 
But Violette thinks of everything. Enter the Ultra Pink Coffee Cup! She’s an every day essential (just like your skinscreen) that holds that extra-stong-almond-milk-cap you order like clockwork at 8.30am every morning whilst doubling as a friendly reminder to apply then reapply your SPF!

Made from glass, the neon pink silicone lid stops the outfit-ruining spills and it’s matching sleeve protects your hands from the heat (but apply Extreme Screen to protect them from the sun)!