Get ready to meet life-changing face sunscreen with Ultra Violette. She won't ball, pill and and she's literally designed to work with your skin care and makeup products and not against them. Long story short - she's the best sun cream for face ever invented.

Face Sunscreen

How much sunscreen to apply on face?

First up, Vi wants to talk to you about one of the most asked questions on the internet when it comes to facial sunscreen. She's a little concerned that people straight up aren't applying enough on their face. You need 1/4 teaspoon of sunscreen for your face. And another 1/4 teaspoon for the neck and décolletage. And remember if you're in direct sunlight the whole reapply every 2 hours rule! PS the ¼ teaspoon is just an estimate based on average face size so if you have a larger face, you'll probably need more sunscreen, while a smaller one would require less. In Violette terms, this equates to 5 pumps of Clean/Supreme/Lean Screen, and 2.5 droppers or pipettes full of Queen Screen. Any less than that and you won't be getting the full level of protection.

Best face sunscreen

Let's be honest, wearing traditional sunscreen on your face is generally not that fun. You know you gotta wear it, but it pills, splits under makeup, and even leaves a white cast at times. Not to mention you look shiny in all the wrong places. Sound familiar? Vi heard your cries and worked her magic to bring you an incredible non greasy sunscreen for your face. Not something you'll wear because you have to, but something you'll wear because you want to. She's designed to slot in comfortably after your skin care regime and before applying any makeup. Available in a whole suite of options depending on your skin type, you'll never use another everyday sunscreen for face, lips, bod or skin, like ever. Choose from our SPF 30 or spf 50 sunscreen for face formulations.

Best face sunscreen for sensitive skin

Calling all sensitive skin babes - Vi has got your face covered when it comes to SKINSCREENS. She never wants your skin to have another hissy fit again, so she's bringing you not one, but two options. Try Lean Screen SPF 50 if you're after a matte finish or go ultra minimal with Clean Screen SPF 30.

Best face sunscreen for oily skin

Vi had you in mind every time she tried regular sunscreen on her face and ended up looking like a grease ball by the end of the day. Oily skin gals (and guys), she's got a whole suite for you to try. Get the perfect matte finish with Lean Screen SPF 50- she's only our most requested SKINSCREEN ever!

Tinted sunscreen for face

Let us bring you the best of both worlds with makeup and skin care in-one. That's right, we're talking about tinted sunscreen courtesy of Daydream Screen. Think dewy, sheer coverage that goes on smooth for a skin-like finish and doesn't disappear or end up all oily and patchy before you've even ordered your AM oat latte.

Best sunscreen for Face Australia

Has our girl Vi won you over yet? Get your hands (and face) on our SKINSCREENS now at Ultra Violette. When you shop with us, you can enjoy free delivery on orders $50+ Australia-wide, plus, checkout with AfterPay if payday is a little far away. Plus we'll throw in future-proofing your skin and a big dose of powerful native antioxidants etc etc.