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The Clean Collection


The search is over. We’ve found (or made) the perfect gift for Christmas/Hanukkah/birthday/anniversary/pick-me-up after a bad day at work/you’re out of milk/it’s a Wednesday. Anything really!!

This sassy summer collection includes:

Clean Screen – Perfect if you’re a little sensitive (skin wise, not emotionally…) and you love a matte finish. It’s also SPF 30 with a mineral formula.

Sheen Screen in Nude - Made with first-rate ingredients like lanolin, cacao seed and shea butters, this lip balm will add a lick of subtle nude shine to your pout, keep it hydrated for hours and protect you from those pesky UV rays, leaving your lips full and plump for years to come. 

More is More bucket bag in Green - A spectacular addition to any ensemble, it’s bright, fun and transparent. Ideal for showing off that fancy hand cream/lipstick/half-eaten candy bar or just carrying around your skinscreen for replication.