Ever wondered what someone who’s tried every beauty product ever actually uses each day? We asked Vi’s mate Kate Lancaster – a beauty editor who writes for the likes of Vogue, GRAZIA and Harper’s BAZAAR – to break down her simple everyday makeup routine (spoiler: she’s a big fan of our gal Dream Screen).

Sunscreen is OBVIOUSLY the most important step in my entire routine, so after I’ve allowed time for my vitamin C serum to sink in, I apply three pumps of Ultra Violette’s Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating SKINSCREEN™. Supreme is my absolute ride or die, because she is so hydrating that I don’t even need to use a dedicated day cream on my oily-combo skin – Supreme is my primer, moisturiser and SPF in one, which is why we’ve been besties for years.

Next comes my favourite base product, Ultra Violette’s Dream Screen SPF50 Tinted Veil. I’ve been using Dream ever since I snagged a sample from UV co-founder Ava Matthews back in August 2020, and it is hand on heart the BEST skin tint I’ve ever tried. In fact, the sample I stole wasn’t even close to my shade, but I wore it every damn day anyway because I loved the finish so much.

The fact that I’m using Dream Screen as my base means that I could use a little less of Supreme Screen than I normally would (three pumps, instead of the five that I would normally do if I wasn’t getting added protection from Dream). I do about 2-3 squeezes of Dream Screen into the palm of my hand, as that gives my acne-prone complexion juuuust enough coverage for any breakouts, while still allowing my skin to show through.

The end result is always glowing, even skin, which is perfect for daily wear. I tend to follow with a tiny touch of concealer under my eyes and around my jaw to camouflage any hormonal breakouts, dab some bronzer and blush on my cheeks and eyes, add a slick of mascara to define my lashes and brush through my brows with a tinted brow gel.