SPF Expert Ava Chandler-Matthews on Her Favourite Pregnancy-Safe Sunscreen

If you’ve ever searched for info on pregnancy-safe sunscreen you’ll know there is a tonne of BS out there. If you haven't, don't bother – we hit up co-founder and new mama-to-be Ava Chandler-Matthews for the 411. Here, she shares her current beauty routine (spoiler: it’s all about calming, comforting skincare), go-to Skinscreens (yep, there’s more than one!) and the one product she’s missing more in pregnancy than a sashimi and sake dinner.

Have you noticed many changes in your skin since becoming pregnant?

I’ve definitely got a lot more congestion showing up, especially since I’ve been relying on my trusty Tret (i.e. prescription vitamin A) to hold that at bay before now. (Like scotch on the rocks, it’s not allowed when you’re expecting.) I’ve also had my first-ever bout of perioral dermatitis which has been…fun. Thankfully, it’s mostly around my nose so I can still use my acids and actives, just not in that area. Pregnancy is awesome! 

What about your skincare routine – any changes there?

My skin is now incredibly irritated and itchy ALL THE TIME so I’m moisturising a lot more as a result. For both face and body I’ve been opting for lightweight-but-deeply-hydrating formulations that promise to calm stressed skin. Overall, I’m trying to use less products on my skin in general. But one thing I don’t skip is SPF.

What products are you most looking forward to bringing back after birth?

RETINOL. When I tell you I can't wait to be back on that train. (I really mean it. Choo choo.)

How important is wearing SPF whilst pregnant?

It’s sooo important. Aside from the usual protecting-against-cancer stuff, there’s even more to consider while pregnant, like preventing melasma. I’ve only seen a small amount of this (so far), but it’s a common and annoying skin condition that can be exacerbated with preg hormones. Wearing SPF daily helps keep it at bay. By all accounts it’s easier to prevent than it is to fix, so wear SPF, a hat, get in the shade – do all the things. 

Is there a Skinscreen that’s best suited for pregnant people?

All of our Skinscreens are totally safe for use during pregnancy. I still rotate through the whole range but due to the pregnancy-induced congestion I’m currently dealing with, I mostly reach for Clean Screen. I also wear Dream Screen layered on top for glow, tint and a little extra protection. Side note: I love the skin finish I get from layering Clean Screen (slightly matte) with Dream Screen (glow, glow, glowy). It’s so nice! 

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