Body, Hands & Lips

You didn’t think your face would be Vi’s only beneficiary, did you? Pfffft, as if she’d want you hanging out with some other sub-par SPF that doesn’t even appreciate you! Discover the ultimate sunscreen lotion for your body and hands now courtesy of Violette.

Body Sunscreen Lotion

Because Vi is more than just facial sunscreen. While she totally re-wrote the book when it comes to sunscreen that doesn't suck for your face, you didn't think she'd forget about the rest of your gorgeous body, did you? Get ready to welcome her ultra hydrating body lotion with sunscreen onto those legs (and into your handbag)!

Vi calls this sun lotion Extreme Screen thanks to her ability to protect your whole body and hands from harmful rays. She's SPF 50+ and is 4 hours water and sweat resistant. She's so hydrating she's more of a body lotion with sunscreen and is packed full of pentavitin for juicy, plump skin. Extreme smells great and even has a subtle shimmery sheen for that ‘legs for days' vibe. Vi's thrown in some aloe vera for good measure to help soothe any skin irritation and some vitamin E to protect your bod against sun damage and free radicals.

Choose between our mini 30ml size (perfect for your daily hand cream) or larger 150ml bottle (our choice for days outdoors).

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Best sunscreen lotion

Fallen for our girl Vi yet? Trust us, you'll never meet a sunscreen lotion you love more than Violette. Shop her now and enjoy free delivery Australia-wide when you spend $50 or more. Plus, let us treat you to future-proofing that beautiful face of yours with AfterPay so you can sunscreen it up now, and pay for it later.