Get physical with NEW Lean Screen SPF 50+

Our zinc-only, fragrance free, non greasy mineral SPF
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How do I wear SPF over makeup?

We have all the answers!
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The $47 Miracle Product...

...They said it, not us!

Should you be wearing skinscreen every day? A quiz:

1. Are you alive? Quiz over. The answer is yes.
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Places you can get sun damage...

In the car, on the street, in your office, on a bus, on a plane, driving, skiing, in the rain, swimming, day drinking… need us to go on? we’re bored.
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We know you how you like you SPF and coffee.

Free UV Keepcup with orders over $65
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Get physical with NEW Lean Screen SPF 50+ our zinc-only, fragrance free mineral SKINSCREEN.

Sensitive? Oily? Looking for a physical SPF that won’t leave your skin feeling suffocated? This is the skinscreen to lean on – a zinc-only formula that offers your face the highest level of protection without asking you to put up with that thick, sticky residue that might’ve put you off physical sunscreens in the past. Lean Screen is also free from alcohol, fragrance and all the other things you prob don’t want (parabens, cruelty).

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If you don't know, now you know...

Fact: UV rays are the single biggest cause of premature ageing. That’s right kiddos. Not your genes, not pollution, and not even that cheeky menthol ciggie you sometimes sneak on a Friday night (no judgement, we've all been there). So how about we start prioritising that all-important UV-deflecting skincare step. For wrinkles sake!

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What's a skinscreen?

Not gonna lie, we made it up! BUT it is a real thing.

Basically, a skinscreen is the perfect combination of skincare and sunscreen – with hydrating ingredients that are just as potent as their SPF counterparts. You can use them solo, or layered with your other skin staples like serums, moisturiser and foundation for an extra punch of hydration. All of our products are purposely designed to work for the good of your skin, both in the short and long term.

Or, for the mathematically inclined: skincare + sunscreen = skinscreen.

See for yourself.

Making SPF the MVP

Meet Ultra Violette. You can call her Violette or Vi for short. After two plus years in the making, Violette is leading a new gen of sunscreen. Scrap that. Skinscreen. SPF which politely considers your other skincare and makeup products, feels comfortable enough to wear daily, and contains skin-sweetening ingredients.

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