Sunscreen Spray

Sunscreen Spray

Future-proofing just got faster. Introducing Vi’s reapplication mist sunscreen. Whether you're looking to spray on your sunscreen over makeup, or you need help topping up during the day, Preen Screen™ SPF50 has you covered.


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Preen Screen™ SPF 50 Reapplication Mist 75ml Preen Screen™ SPF 50 Reapplication Mist 75ml
Mini Preen Screen™ SPF 50 30ml Mini Preen Screen™ SPF 50 30ml
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What is Sunscreen Face Spray?

As the name suggests, it’s an ingenious on-the-go SPF application that allows you to spray on your sunscreen throughout the day. Preen Screen™ SPF50 has been designed specifically to spray over makeup. The fine, lightweight mist feels amazing on skin and leaves a soft, subtle glow in its wake.

Sunscreen Spray over Makeup

It's always been a struggle to find a way to apply sunscreen over a face full of makeup during the day. From leaving a white cast, to completely splitting over your skin, Vi has worked hard behind the scenes to bring you a game-changing new way to keep your makeup perfect and pesky UV rays in check. This best sunscreen spray for face promises to do-it-all, and it delivers.

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