Ultra Violette Clean Screen product sitting on a aluminum sheet.

CLEAN SCREEN 2.0 - what we've changed and what's the same!

Here at Ultra Violette, we like to give the people what they want. We read those reviews, Instagram messages and smoke signals. We’ve heard your cries! So, in response, meet the newly reformulated, fragrance free, weightless, mineral Clean Screen SKINSCREEN™!

What’s changed? Well, for starters she’s FRAGRANCE FREE! Not just no synthetic or added fragrance but the new Clean Screen doesn’t smell at all!

To achieve this feat of brilliance, we’ve transitioned into using the latest super low irritant, UV blockers making it better than ever for super sensitive skin! While she’s primarily a physical SPF, we’ve added chemical blockers (that are in some instances are even less irritating than zinc!). These include: Titanium Dioxide, Tinosorb M, Uvinal A Plus.

And what’s stayed the same? Clean Screen is still mattifying (even though a little more hydrating, thank you Pentavitin!), making it perfect for oily or acneic skin. It’s still super lightweight with a gel-like consistency, there’s no white cast in sight and still SPF 30! (What can we say?! She’s an overachiever!).

And finally! For those still craving a completely physical, fragrance free option, don’t worry! How could we forget about you!! Keep your eyes peeled later this year for something very special (and SFP50+)!

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Avoid prolonged high-risk sun exposure. Wear a hat, protective clothing and sunglasses when exposed to the sun. Re-apply frequently.

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