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Future-Proof Your Day with Centaine McLean

If you haven't already met Centaine McLean (previously Glossco) where have you been? You've definitely been missing out.

Centaine is a Victorian-based beauty blogger with A+ content and strong selfie skills. She also happens to have another bub on the way and we couldn't miss the opportunity to see how that affects her beauty routine and SPF game.
So, what’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
I check the weather and instagram then have a quick shower before getting my daughter up.  


What’s the best part of your morning—the thing worth waking up for?Definitely having breakfast with my daughter and starting the day with her.

What does your AM skincare routine look like & how has that changed since being pregnant?
I’m pretty basic in the morning and generally have a consistent routine of cleanse, toner, vitamin c serum, hydrating serum, moisturiser then SPF. Since being pregnant I’ve had to customise that some days if my skin is being particularly sensitive. Some days my skin can only handle a gentle cleanse, moisturiser and SPF, other days it’s the whole shebang.

Could you tell us why SPF is so important to you when pregnant?
SPF is particularly important when pregnant as melasma becomes more prevalent. Melasma is a form of pigmentation that is caused by hormonal changes, usually in the second and third trimesters. Sun exposure can accelate melasma so it’s important to reapply throughout the day! All Ultra Violette SKINSCREEN™ are safe during pregnancy so the best sunscreen is the one you want to wear!

Noticed any skin changes since becoming pregnant and do you have any tips?
My skin has become more sensitive and more prone to breakouts since becoming pregnant. I’ve found I’ve had to really pare back my routine and pay attention to what my skin needs each day as it can change one day to the next. My advice would be to keep it simple and as tempting as it is to use all the acne fighting products, we don’t want to irritate our skin further so keep the actives to a minimum.

How do you remember to reapply throughout the day?
I keep sunscreen everywhere! It’s always on hand for me. That’s where mini tubes come in really handy. If I know I’m heading out somewhere at a particular time, I’ll set an alarm on my phone half an hour before so I remember to reapply before leaving the house.

Any great SPF hacks?
If you find your SPF difficult to rub in, apply in layers so you’re only applying a small amount at a time. But always dispense the full amount at once to make sure you’re using enough!

Best beauty tip you’ve ever heard—go.
Oof what a tough one! A game changer for me was applying dry shampoo before I go to bed instead of in the morning. You roll around in it all night so it really works it in and absorbs the oil. I always wake up with fresh hair!

How would you describe your feelings about Ultra Violette in 3 words?
Best friends forever.

What three things were you grateful for this morning?
Community, a healthy pregnancy and coffee!

You can find Centaine on Instagram HERE!

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Avoid prolonged high-risk sun exposure. Wear a hat, protective clothing and sunglasses when exposed to the sun. Re-apply frequently.

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