Meet Extreme Screen - Vi's Body & Hand SPF50 SKINSCREEN™

You didn't think we'd let you leave the house without protecting your hands, did you? Discover Violette's ultra nourishing hand cream with SPF now!

Best hand cream with SPF

Say hello to Extreme Screen, aka the best hand cream with SPF. Extreme Screen is our super-light skinscreen thats hydrating enough to fill in for your boring old body moisturiser (its cool, we CBF too), with SPF50+ protection and a lil shimmery sheen thrown in for good measure. She can also be used as a body lotion thanks to being super hydrating! Other benefits include a lust-worthy body glow, and being 4 hours water and sweat resistant – so yep, she'll stick around while you're secretly trying to learn the WAP dance, but she (probably) wont judge you.

Why you should wear SPF hand cream?

Did you know your hands are most likely one area youre forgetting to apply sunscreen to? Sun damage (and serious ageing) to your hands can occur easily even when you're not outside (hello driving!) Our lovely hands have the advantage of being a little less fat tissue compared to our faces or other body parts, so you can bet sun damage will make your hands appear withered and wrinkled pretty quickly if you're not slathering on the SPF. Reaching for Extreme Screen yet? She's packed with the added bonus of hydrating heroes to keep those hands looking wrinkle-free, smooth and soft.

Hand cream with SPF Australia

Discover our full collection of body lotion with SPF now. Ready to shop Vis hand cream? Discover our full collection of skinscreens now and enjoy free delivery Australia-wide when you spend $50 or more. We also offer AfterPay, so you can sunscreen it up now and pay for it later, so you never have to go a day sans sunscreen!

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