It's SPF but not as you know it. Future-proof your face with the full wardrobe of Ultra Violette SKINSCREENS™ - the best sunscreen in Australia (not that we’re biased of course). Purposefully designed by Vi to look after your skin today, tomorrow and forever, with skin sweetening ingredients and UVA + UVB protection.


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Super Supreme SPF 50+ 125ml Super Supreme SPF 50+ 125ml
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Mini Fave Fluid SPF 50+ 30ml Mini Fave Fluid SPF 50+ 30ml
Mini Lean Screen SPF 50+ 15ml Mini Lean Screen SPF 50+ 15ml

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Looking for the best sunscreen in Australia? Then you need to meet Ultra Violette, or Vi, for short. She's the queen of a  new gen of sunscreens (or as we like to call them, SKINSCREENS™) that will totally future-proof your skin from premature ageing, while sweetening the skin with skincare actives. Have we got your attention yet? Keep reading to discover more about the best sunscreen for face, bod, lips, hands...SKIN!

We heard why you're here. You're sick of dealing with sub-par sunscreen that pills under your makeup, gives you white cast and leaves you looking shiny (which is v different from glowy, right?!). Ready? Cause Vi's about to make you fall in love with facial sunscreen forever.

When you reach for your sunscreen, make sure it’s coming from Australian SPF brands like Ultra Violette. Why? Cause we have the toughest regulations in the world down under, so you know we take sun protection seriously.

What is the best sunscreen?

The best sunscreen is one that shields you against UV rays whilst slotting in perfectly with your skin care regime and makeup products. Something that feels comfortable enough to wear daily and comes with extra skin-sweetening powers. Ultra Violette does just that and more. In fact, Vi formulated more than just one product coz she knows that a girl needs more than just one shoe in her wardrobe. Vi is an entire suite of SKINSCREENS™ (including body SPF, sunscreen for hands, and SPF lip balm) offered in different formulations so you can choose your preferred one according to texture and your skin type. Discover her different Australian SPF formulations including chemical sunscreen, mineral sunscreen, hydrating sunscreen, mattifying sunscreen and zinc sunscreen now.

Best face sunscreen

What makes Vi truly stand out from traditional sunscreen is the fact that she totally works with your makeup. Just wear her after your moisturiser and before applying foundation. Australian-made, slayed and TGA approved, Vi will never pill, ball or shine. Choose from Australian sunscreen SPF 30+ or SPF 50+. Wondering which one will work best for you? Let us help you break it down according to your skin type.

Best sunscreen for acne prone skin

If you experience regular breakouts or acne, a mattifying SKINSCREEN will work wonders for you. Vi wants you to try Clean Screen SPF 30. With a super lightweight gel texture and a natural finish, she's gentle, friendly and totally in touch with her sensitive side. Discover more SKINSCREENS for oily skin or combo skin now.

Best sunscreen for sensitive skin

If you're searching for the best natural sunscreen in Australia try Lean Screen SPF 50+. She's a zinc-only SPF with a matte finish and is a miracle worker for sensitive skin types. Check out our entire suite for sensitive skin too.

Best sunscreen for dry skin

For those who wanna look arrogantly luminous, Queen Screen is calling. An SPF50+ sunscreen disguised as a serum, Queen will be your makeup's BFF – lightweight, glow-inducing and never, ever, ever pilling, we promise. Discover our entire suite for dry skin sunscreens, normal skin, and hydrating formulations now.

Best tinted sunscreen

Because sometimes you want a little extra skin perfecting. Meet Daydream Screen, better known as the tinted sunscreen of your dreams. The latest babe to join Vi's elite squad of SKINSCREENS, she's a lightweight tinted skin serum in 15 flexible shades.

Best sunscreen Australia

We have many strengths, modesty not being one, so when we say that our girl Vi has the very best sunscreen in Australia, we mean it. They come with a bonus dose of powerful native antioxidants that fight free radical damage. So go on, future proof your face with Ultra Violette. When you shop with us, you can enjoy free delivery on orders $55+ Australia-wide, plus you can checkout and pay in 4 instalments with AfterPay.