What is Bisabolol in skin care?

Bisabolol is an anti-inflammatory ingredient Vi loves to supercharge her SKINSCREEN™ formulas with. Derived from chamomile, it can be found in some of the best skincare products in the world. So obvi it fits right into Preen Screen, adding a boost of skin loving benefits.

Which SKINSCREENS™ will you find it in?

You’ll find green tea in these UV SKINSCREENS™:

What are the Bisabolol skin benefits?

This is a seriously skin soothing ingredient that sensitive skinned girls will lap up. If your skin is prone to throwing a hissy fit, Bisabolol will help it calm the f*** down. And, the latest research is showing it also may help to even out skin tone and lighten pigmentation and dark spots.

Shop Bisabolol Skin Care

Has Vi sold you on Preen Screen yet? Pfft of course you’re on board with future-proofing your face with the best bisabolol infused SPF. With free delivery on orders $55 and over Australia-wide and AfterPay available, there’s literally no better way to slip on a sunscreen than with Ultra Violette.

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