Why use Squalane Sunscreen?

Squalane is a super-charged skincare ingredient, so it was obviously a non-negotiable addition when Vi was formulating the ultra-hydrating Supreme Screen SPF 50+. Adding Squalane to SPF dramatically boosts your skin’s hydration levels thanks to its ability to help prevent moisture loss. Plus, it’ll do the most to keep you looking fresh and youthful with its ability to restore suppleness. Squalane is ultra lightweight and non-greasy too, so it’ll slip right into your existing beauty routine.

Which SKINSCREENS™ will you find it in?

You’ll find Squalane in these UV SKINSCREENS™:

Shop sunscreen with Squalane in Australia

Has Vi sold you on Supreme Screen SPF 50+yet? Pfft of course you’re on board with future-proofing your face with the best Squalane infused SPF.  With free delivery on orders $55 and over Australia-wide and AfterPay available, there’s literally no better way to slip on a sunscreen than with Ultra Violette.

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