What is Vitamin C SPF?

Vitamin C is an incredible antioxidant ingredient that comes in lots of different forms. Vi uses Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate in Preen Screen and Ascorbyl Glucoside in Fave Fluid SPF 50. She loves how these ingredients help to brighten the look of skin, reduce the look of ageing and boost skin’s environmental defences against the sun.

Which SKINSCREENS™ will you find it in?

You’ll find Vitamin C in these UV SKINSCREENS™:

Why you should wear sunscreen with Vitamin C

Sunscreen and Vitamin C are the original power couple. Research shows that when used together, their benefits are actually multiplied! The reason? They become more effective at neutralising free radical damage caused by sun exposure. Vi didn’t think it was possible, but she just fell more in love with sunscreen with Vitamin C.

Best sunscreen with Vitamin C

Has Vi sold you on Fave Fluid or Preen Screen yet? Pfft of course you’re on board with future-proofing your face with the best Vitamin C infused SPF. With free delivery on orders $55 and over Australia-wide and AfterPay available, there’s literally no better way to slip on a sunscreen than with Ultra Violette.

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