What is Zinc Oxide sunscreen?

Zinc Oxide is a broad spectrum UV filter that is one of the key ingredients used in mineral sunscreen formulas. It’s a very gentle and soothing ingredient, making it perfect for sensitive skin. If you’re searching for Zinc Oxide sunscreen in Australia, Vi’s got you covered with Lean Screen.

Which SKINSCREENS™ will you find it in?

You’ll find zinc in our UV SKINSCREENS™:

Zinc based sunscreen Australia

Forget everything you think you know about mineral sunscreen with Vi’s Lean Screen. We promise she’ll never leave a white cast and will rub in invisibly to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. So get wrinkle-proofing even if you don’t step outdoors with a generous slather of Lean Screen.

Best zinc sunscreen Australia

Has Vi sold you on Lean Screen yet? Pfft of course you’re on board with future-proofing your face with the best Zinc SPF. With free delivery on orders $55 and over Australia-wide and AfterPay available, there’s literally no better way to slip on a sunscreen than with Ultra Violette.

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