Founder Interview On Preen Screen™ SPF50 Reapplication Mist SKINSCREEN™

Founder Interview On Preen Screen™ SPF50 Reapplication Mist SKINSCREEN™

Tell me about Preen Screen™ SPF50! What need were you trying to meet? Preen Screen™ SPF50 is solving that problem when you’re desperate for a midday coffee and you haven’t reapplied since you left ...
Ava Matthews sitting on a boat wearing Ultra Violette.

SPF Expert Ava Chandler-Matthews on Her Favourite Pregnancy-Safe Sunscreen

Spoiler alert: there's no such thing as a pregnancy safe SPF - cos they all are!!
Model applying Sheen Screen SPF50 Lip Balm for the wearing sunscreen under makeup blog.

The Best Sunscreen Under Makeup in Australia

Meet Sophia Pafitis. A Melbourne based MUA with over 11 years of experience under her belt in editorial, commercial fashion/beauty and bridal; working with the likes of Frank Body, Soda Shades, Ado...
Model wearing Ultra Violette Queen Screen posing in front of a pink background.

Everything you've ever wanted to know about; botox, needling, filler and laser

SPF is an essential. Just ask any doctor, derm, or that one overachieving friend that always reminds you to reapply. But sometimes you just want to feel more comfortable in your skin and you're lo...
Michelle Wong holding Supreme Screen up next to her face.

The Science behind SPF with Lab Muffin Beauty Science

If you're new to future proofing your face, then perhaps you haven't heard of Michelle Wong from Lab Muffin Beauty Science. She's a skincare Queen with a PhD in chemistry, which she generously u...
Ultra Violette Products laying down on a table.

What's the go with Chemical vs Physical Sunscreen?

So, to start, let’s get into what a UV filter is. Just like a queen to her crown, UV filters are what makes our skinscreens, SPFs. They’re the active ingredients responsible for doing all the hard ...
Lean Screen floating in front of a purple background with purple waves below.

What’s the 411 on Lean Screen?

You must be here because you hear the news. We’ve just welcomed our fourth facial skinscreen into the fam. Exciting! But also confusing. Now there’s another A+ skin sweetening formula to choose fr...
Model wearing a green co-ord set, applying Ultra Violette Skinscreen in mirror.

Which SKINSCREEN™ is right for me?

Let Vi help you decide which future-proofing formula will be your new favourite. Your typical morning skincare POV would look like…a) Charlotte, because it’s sensitive and kinda judgey about the ...
Model applying Ultra Violette sunscreen under makeup.

How to wear SPF over (and under) makeup without hating life

Sunscreen, we now know, is integral to protecting ourselves from melanoma. It’s also integral if you want to maintain great skin, which isn’t the primary reason you should be using it daily (Hello...